My Interests

Aside from mass media, I am super interested in music. I am producer, I play the guitar, and I sing. I love making songs, mostly for myself. Before I started playing and producing I was just a listener and I still am(refer to Favorite Songs page). I started listening rap samples which is made up of soul and gospel music. This led to me doing my own sampling and sifting through hundreds of hours of old soul music. I love it so much that I could listen to hundreds more, but im sure you can tell how much I love the world of music already. The other activity that steals all my time would be videogames. I love to play NBA2k and Rocket League at the moment, and sometimes serves as a distraction. I do love to compete and better my skills at any activit which brings me back to it. The day my dad bought me an xbox was the day I was hooked, and it has been that way ever since.