My Favorite Songs

This page is dedicated to my favorite songs and musiciains right now. I am very passionate about music and songs can be very sentimental things to me, so I thought showing of some of my favorites might give you some insight on who I am.

Song Band/Artist
Future Lover Thee Sacred Souls
Come Around and Love Me Jalen Ngonda
Scottie Beam Freddie Gibbs
Is That Enough? Marvin Gaye
Witches Alice Pheobe Lou

The first song is by a band I am obsessed with right now. They are a soul band that sounds like they played in the 70s. To me they are very authentic and create super original music despite being in a genre that has been around for decades. The second song on the list is another soul artist I recently have been into. Honestly, Jalen Ngonda gives me the same feeling as Thee Sacred Souls and makes incredible originals. The third song listed is rap song with a soul sample. The Alchemist, a well known producer, created the beat and Freddie Gibbs raps over it with super smooth bars that pair with the beat perfectly. Spot number four goes to Marvin Gaye in a song about divorce. The instrumental keeps the vibe funky and soulful while the lyrics are super personal to Gaye's situation and I admire that greatly. The last song is an indie song that I found through an anime. It is a light-hearted indie song that is upbeat and resembles pop music.