Multimedia Exersice

In this assignment I created a video to demonstrate using b-rolls and videography. I filmed myself interviewing my roomate about living at Copper Beech town homes in San Marcos and his experience staying there. The link to the video can be found here.

Multimedia Project

This project is a website intended to inform people on the positive effect basketball has on a community. I filmed a short interview and a good amount b-roll in order to tell the story of one man's basketball story. the link can be found here.

Business Organization Site

This website is a mock up of a guitar lessons organization with me as the face. I play guitar on the side and thought this could be a good use of my web design skills in case I actually take the route of becoming a guitar teacher. My CSS changes included manually changing the height of the cover art to 310px, changing the margins between the cover and the nav to 0px, and I manually changed the contact page preset spacing from 40 to 30px. You can find my website here.